What satisfies sense must necessarily be of excellent workmanship. There can’t be delight without careful attention to details and quality.

The making of an incredibly tasty product with a special flavour has always got the search for excellence, in all stages of production, as a presupposition. 

Therefore, Peccati di Capri has chosen to follow the road to pleasure and delight according to the highest quality standards. 


After all, the use of the famous Belgian Callebaut chocolate is a clear evidence of it.

Peccati di Capri gives a prestigious touch to all its products, by selecting fresh and wholesome ingredients, which give maximum taste and quality to chocolates.  

The island of Capri is a dream: it has always been a source of inspiration worldwide to artists, poets and travellers, and is also the muse of our chocolate creations

Choc&Go is the synthesis of a love affair: Caffè Barbera, with its ancient traditions, and Peccati di Capri merge in search of creating a new product that satisfies the most demanding likings.

The fusion between chocolate’s soft sweetness and coffee’s strong aroma is perfectly revealed in shape and flavor by Choc&Go chocolates, “energizing and inspiring” by giving the needed vigour.

Choc&Go chocolates are the result of a passionate idea that contains the tradition of Italian excellence.

Peccati di Capri & Caffè Barbera


Sins of Capri produces packs and personalized chocolates for companies who want a sweet memory of their brand.

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