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A group of friends, who shared the adolescence and the passion for good wine on the island of Capri, decided to create a search for the best vines in the Campania region, using their experience in the field of fine wines. In the Peccati di Capri wine there is a patient search for quality in the selection of the grapes of Aglianico, Fiano di Avellino and Greco di Tufo. And there is a choral expertise on a geographical area known throughout the world for the uniqueness of its vines. Peccati di Capri is a project that is part of Italian history and liquid geography, the history of a territory, a people of illustrious winemakers, and an exclusive path to achieve the exceptional result that this product represents: a wine that returns the authentic flavor of a tradition that has always been also an oenological culture.


Taurasi comes from the Aglianico, one of the best grapes in Italy. Aglianico red wine, after a period of 24 months of aging in barrique, and a further 12 months of aging in bottle, acquires the denomination of Taurasi D.O.C.G. The Taurasi D.O.C.G. It is an intense ruby red wine with a complex and persistent structure where the aromas of undergrowth and red berry fruits are clearly perceived, such as wild cherry (marasca).


The Greco di Tufo D.O.C.G. it is the prince of the white wines of this geographical context. It is an ancient vine imported from the Greek region of Thessaly, much appreciated by the ancient Romans. Pliny the Elder wrote "... Greek wine is so precious that banquets are served only once ...". The taste of Greco di Tufo is characterized by the minerality absorbed by the subsoil and by a fragrance reminiscent of almond, quince and honey.


The Fiano di Avellino D.OG.C. it is a typical white Campania wine produced in the geographical area called Irpinia. It is an ancient vine from the Greek period, although it owes its diffusion to the Romans. Elegant, full-bodied, sapid, fresh, structured, but endowed with great expressive finesse. The aromas are warm and enveloping with ripe fruit, many flowers, honey and hints of hazelnuts, given that the Fiano vines are inserted in agricultural contexts mainly cultivated with hazelnuts.

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